I’ve spent my entire life in sisterhoods. Lucky me, right? It all started with my two younger sisters. The three of us share the same first part of our hyphenated Marienames, and so our names are a daily reminder for us that we are different individuals of one brand of personhood. Throughout our blissful childhood years, […]


In the Guntram-home, We believe in fresh bread with melting butter. We believe in spring picnics and summer BBQs. We believe in treating stomach aches with ice cream. We believe in reading good-night stories over and over and over again. We believe in chatting by the bedside. We believe in praying with and for one […]


A Somewhattranslation of Wordbeginning — Im Anfang, jedem Anfang liegt ein Wort jenes, welches Du lerntest als Du erst warst jenes, welches Du erfuhrst, Dein Eigen machtest, und mir dann gabst Dein Wort. Hier liegt es nun, vor mir, kurzweilig ausgesetzt und ganz nackt. Ich ringe kurz, nur kurz. Vorsichtig nehme ich es in meine […]


That distance the one you measure in considerations, doubts, forgetfulness was never there, with us, because we were close right away, friends, all along. Now, we measure the distance in breaths, regards, concord, because it’s close, that moment, I hope, in which we are closer, even closer as close as it gets when well when […]


Like stranded whales, we roll on the floor, our sand, our beach, right here, inside, our bellies up, towards the sun our minds up there too, in the big wide blue no, more like kids, as we are free, free to get up, walk and talk, like the grownups do if we want, maybe tomorrow, right […]


Übersetzung von Best.  — Sie kommen selten, Sie bleiben tief drinnen, Sie sind nicht verwandt. Ich habe das Verwandte nie gewählt; eine Sternstunde im Universum. Ich habe dies hier auch nie gewählt, hätt´s gar nicht gekonnt, wie’s scheint: weitere Stunden mit weiteren, vielen Sternen. Also was ist es dann, wenn die Luft gefüllt mit Freude, […]


It’s rare, it’s deep, deep down, It’s not blood. I never chose the blood just got blessed, so blessed, and never chose this either, but again, am so, so blessed. So, what is it then when the air is filled with joy, trust, knowing when it feels like it, like blood or maybe not, at least not […]