Being From and Living In and Feeling Home: Three Answers.

Thank you, America, for presenting me with the question Where are you from? and the answer I’m from [first home]. And from [second home], [third home], and [so on]. And I live in [this special place that I also call ‘home’ but that’s potentially very different from the previous three/… places]. I feel home [being here/doing/eating/wearing… […]

Becoming a Writer: Excerpts From a Letter to My Teacher

… Do you remember my  first essay, the one with a few wannabeparagraphs, invented words, non-existent grammar rules, drawn out words that desperately sought to fill the white space with ink? Next to the second sentence and a somewhat deformed word—probably one of the newly created ones—you wrote “Yuck!” into the margins. I had to […]


They were all hurting, all over, in all places: She had been dealing with discouraging disagreements; hellos had turned silent and had created temporary animosities. She was menstruating; hormones were dictating life inside of her and her outside as well. She had been feeling lonely for a while now; homesickness was invading her heart. She […]


Es war der letzte Abend, der letzte Abend vor der Trennung, dem Ungewissen. Aber noch waren sie in Sicherheit. Er und sie lagen auf dem hölzernen Steg am See, umhüllt von sommerlicher Abendluft und gegenseitiger Zuneigung. Im Hintergrund knackten die Hölzer des Untergrunds unsicher in Einstimmung mit der mitschwingenden Angst des Loslassens der Freunde. Ein […]


Sie stieg aus dem Bus. Der kleinere Zeiger war über die Spanne von vier Ziffern gewandert und hatte zwei Welten drastisch nebeneinander gestellt. Vier Stunden waren für sie lange nicht genug gewesen, um beide Welten so zu akzeptieren, wie sie sind. Sie wollte einfach wieder zurück. Jeder ihrer zögerlichen Schritte sehnte sich nach dem Asphalt, […]

Normal Is

Then and Now Normal is traditional: Marriage, Divorce. People’s innocence, Adolescents’ canny, hardened facades. Conscience, Unscrupulousness. Normal is repetitive: Togetherness, Individualism. Dinner table, Car seats. Religious services, awakening—godlessness. Normal is complete: Propriety, Laissez-faire. Truth, Lies. Commitment, Corruption. Normal is ordinary: Flowers on the windowsill, lipstick on the collar. Mother’s pearls, her piercing and cleavage. The […]

The One

Will you?   What to say? -Yes -May Be -No   Now          ? Then          ? When         ?   You said you’d love me                 !   You gave your hand.Your palm was in mine. I was safe . I am safe .   Your voice, your eyes,your heart, is my soul, I have […]