Every meeting molds me. This one was particularly special, especially since it was framed by delicious Belgium beer and waffles, long nights in the narrow allies and down by the canal, and tandem rides through the summer fields and to the sea. Bruges, you’re one charming little town and diverse travel destiny – you’re simply […]

Becoming a Writer: Excerpts From a Letter to My Teacher

… Do you remember my  first essay, the one with a few wannabeparagraphs, invented words, non-existent grammar rules, drawn out words that desperately sought to fill the white space with ink? Next to the second sentence and a somewhat deformed word—probably one of the newly created ones—you wrote “Yuck!” into the margins. I had to […]


Swimmingly I wake in this sea of red, hot blood that is whirling pulsating deep above the firmament in the dark universe. As I am, I swim with eager strokes in the pulse, the pulse of youth, which sparkles brighter than the stars above my head, below my body and in its light, bright light, I […]