Every meeting molds me. This one was particularly special, especially since it was framed by delicious Belgium beer and waffles, long nights in the narrow allies and down by the canal, and tandem rides through the summer fields and to the sea. Bruges, you’re one charming little town and diverse travel destiny – you’re simply […]


A funeral, a baptism, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a wedding, a hospital visit, and a high school graduation, all in just 14 days. So raise your glass and cry – or raise your glass and smile – but raise your glass regardless. This is life … and it always comes full circle. – Kayley H. […]


Like stranded whales, we roll on the floor, our sand, our beach, right here, inside, our bellies up, towards the sun our minds up there too, in the big wide blue no, more like kids, as we are free, free to get up, walk and talk, like the grownups do if we want, maybe tomorrow, right […]