Being From and Living In and Feeling Home: Three Answers.

Thank you, America, for presenting me with the question Where are you from? and the answer I’m from [first home]. And from [second home], [third home], and [so on]. And I live in [this special place that I also call ‘home’ but that’s potentially very different from the previous three/… places]. I feel home [being here/doing/eating/wearing… […]


— Start now. Forgive. Breathe. Smile. Start now. — Walk barefoot. Dance in the rain. Book the ticket. Or ride a tandem. Or both. Sing loudly. Even if wrongly. And make up the lyrics. Tell them. That whatever. Just tell them. Eat the cake. And the pizza. Smoke the joint. Cut your hair. Short. Finish […]

Becoming a Writer: Excerpts From a Letter to My Teacher

… Do you remember my  first essay, the one with a few wannabeparagraphs, invented words, non-existent grammar rules, drawn out words that desperately sought to fill the white space with ink? Next to the second sentence and a somewhat deformed word—probably one of the newly created ones—you wrote “Yuck!” into the margins. I had to […]