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pedestrian zone

expressing yourself is a bit like dressing that display window in the pedestrian zone. you decide what goes behind the glass, adhering to current trends, of course, and so you decorate away. it lies in our clothes, words, relationships and ideally, this liberty would be at everyone’s disposal. for some, though, other people decide what […]

summer swims

I’ve noticed a tendency lately to grow a little wimpy at things lacking the perfect kind of circumstance. ever since these mornings swims in Sweden made me feel first cold and hesitant to go in, then hot and not wanting to leave, and alive and well throughout the day, I’ve made a promise to go […]


I’d heard of the place where people go to dance the night away up in Sweden’s rural heart since 1982. the village truly is out there,  tucked away behind dunes, which, on the other side, open up to the sea. the waves seemed rougher from the shore, so gray and cold and harsh, than they […]

early departure

and when she felt the weight of the backpack snuggling up against her back, as it always does, ever so swiftly, upon each new departure, but saw no second set of shoes trodding beside her, a sudden solitude enveloped her. this time, it was just her, traveling toward Sweden’s summer, with the weekly news folded […]

160 years

we found a thick leather wallet once, in the middle of the street, my love and i, out on a vespa trip through the city on a Sunday afternoon late last summer. we returned it home to its owner who greeted us at the door with gratitude and poise and a lovely Austrian accent. we […]

the mundane

and sometimes it’s all about cleaning those windows, putting up all of the laundry, emptying that dish washer, baking those muffins, puréeing that hummus, sweeping, mopping, dusting, indulging in these utterly mundane tasks around the home in order to transition back from mountain mode and vacation time into work mode and daily life. welcome back! […]


of course their monumental moments of being sobered and excited occurred on top of snow-covered, solitary mountains  far away from rules, regulations, conventions of civilizations,  whether it was Moses, Elijah or Aretha.  the only thing I don’t get is why they didn’t take their loves up there to reground their bond,  to renew their vows […]

mountain truths

Catalonian Pyrenees.  preparation and good equipment matter. an early start sets aside time for rest on the way. changes in weather and other conditions can occur without prior warning. having lost sight of the signs indicating the correct route, it helps to return to the last moment of confirmation. one step after the other as […]


a bit shy, spring was still feeling in that Easter week in April in that country nestled into the eastern banks of the Black Sea. just afoot the Greater Caucasus, the skies ware sealed by clouds just as the sidewalks were seamed by puddles. clothed in all we‘d brought,  we adjusted to all spectacles on the […]


there are things too great to write about  like all abstract terms   that aren’t simultaneously verbs  such as love. such writings, if composed in spite of being doomed all along, mostly feel as though they’ve gone astray from their origin fountain and landed clumsily in crowded fields of naïveté and kitsch. but there’s one among them that deserves all […]

friday night out

they were sipping coffee, later that night, in the windows of a corner café and it felt like the corner of a large, vibrant, magnetic city. it was just the two, recounting the week of patients and losses and bettering measures of participants trying rhetoric and facilitation and leadership. and as they biked home across […]

on the road

packing up, saying goodbye, boarding and waving, it’s all part of the promise of a traveling job. right now, my inner nomad embraces these weekly trips, those spinning wheels, arrivals, new faces and uncertainties. and aside from the perpetual professional thrill of new settings, contents, clients, it’s that glass of wine in an unfamiliar place, […]


and in that first spring breeze not yet warm yet no longer winterly and plenty cheeky for sure, they will turn up the radio down by the riverside to play those long lost tunes and twirl and swivel until night finally falls. the promenade so far and wide with its old untameable cobble stone and rusty, […]


as i am lying under black March skies and a noisy roof and heavy rain pouring down in the night, he is out there, bowing down, to those in pain and need of help of sorts. he’ll be there all night, wide awake for even those who sometimes are just so impolite to others, shamelessly, […]


and when spring was just peeking around the corner, they packed just a few belongings and, on a whim, left for that Tuscan city. Those cobble-stoned sidewalks, the architectural mementos, the religious relics and artistic masteries – the entire valley seemed nestled between the pages of a history book, cracked open by an eagerly early Mediterranean breeze. […]