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the more

the more cycles pass the more recurring it all seems — from the highs and the lows of the physique (merisms) to the twists and turns of this mind (hendiadyses). it’s all creation, after all, the architecture of the small vis-à-vis the vastness of the universe. however, unlike that first creation moment which needed neither […]


I spent this week pondering a mistake I’d made and the quality of my work going on two long runs participating in an incredible brainstorming session discovering pimples attending a volunteer gathering checking my phones listening to a podcast with Nikki Giovanni, the heroine, marvelling at a young and female American politician starting a new […]


church-going has become one of those endeavors during which I shut down half of my senses just to be able to stay. I take off my coat and I take off my thinking abilities and attitudes too, it seems. it’s a shame and a tragedy and a loss and it keeps worsening; meanwhile, the world keeps […]