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church-going has become one of those endeavors during which I shut down half of my senses just to be able to stay. I take off my coat and I take off my thinking abilities and attitudes too, it seems. it’s a shame and a tragedy and a loss and it keeps worsening; meanwhile, the world keeps […]


a young journalist and gifted writer crosses the line into literature. more than 60 of his pieces of writings are doubted, prizes revoked, apologies given. an avalanche of blame storms through the media – from rights about the general skewness of the press from lefts about the pressure to perform. i, too, have been touched […]


i wish there’d been a brass band playing at that manger back then, making everything so merry and swell. perhaps that’s what we need today to stop and dwell and sway a bit at a lowly place out in the cold. …that’s what i did tonight anyway, and it brought tears to my eyes and […]


three cities, two on-boardings, my first notice to quit, short and long hair, still no tattoos, an education summit and another keynote, the longest summer ever, and still the same man. 26 was a good one, a very good one. it was innocent and decent, it was thoughtful and mature, it was active and anticipatory […]

he, we

so the thing with my love is that it shines so bright within the cocoon we’ve jointly knitted. in there, playfulness disarms, feedback molds, habit soothes. it’s familiar and safe. in there, gender roles disintegrate and personalities intertwine. it’s exclusive and mutual. it’s a sacred space. and then, when it comes to roaming the streets of the world […]


writing poetry about politics so explicitly doesn’t feel very sexy – any time, but especially in this day and age. so let’s make this a quick one: something I have noticed more and more in this country of exponentiated efficiency, objective argumentation and philosophical reasoning is that our reality is a reliable, secure, safe one. […]