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this city

today, someone took a woman hostage in a pharmacy at the train station in Cologne. possibly a Syrian man with a refugee background, possibly armed, possibly prepared for a gas attack, possibly sympathizing with a terror organization. the whole ordeal resulted in injured citizens, a long lock-down of the public space, all trains getting rerouted […]

reds and whites

with a majestic solitude it proudly stands, the circus tent of reds and whites in the autumn meadow just outside of the city.   behind it they tower: apartment block colonies with concrete facades and folded up parasols on the balconies. here, cigarette studs resemble stars. gray skies hide the horizon and the fact that the […]

Best of

Best of this year’s TFD Summit: This wonderful lady (class of 2015, Duisburg) planning it with me on the alumni side of things. Mirijam, thanks for all the countless inspiring hours we spent together preparing for this event, all the innovative ideas we were able to put into action, all the fun we had! And […]