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  For me, the last year was one of firsts. Working every day for the first full year, paying taxes every month – also to the Catholic Church, camping and going … Continue reading

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C’est si bon

Sie fürchtet die Flucht, die Vernunft. Sie konfrontiert, argumentiert, sie hält aus und, immer, immer, sie bleibt. Und dann gibt es Nächte, die verführen, so wie diese. C’est si bon. Und … Continue reading

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TRP: Lineage

Homegoing, this exquisite collection of short stories written by Yaa Gyasi, recounts the lives of two Ghanaian half-sisters. In each chapter, we advance one generation in a beautifully interwoven manner, … Continue reading

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Porto, PT – Valenca, PT Monday-Friday of last week — It would be the usual hike, so I thought, starting out and arriving then, and breaks, pit stops, and vesper are for … Continue reading

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through, trans

It was an early morning in early fall, today. It was just me, on top of a hill, and oceans of clouds lied beneath my feet, drowning everything I trustfully … Continue reading

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TRP: The Secret History

Donna Tartt is an expert on the kind of prose that reads poetically yet promptly, luring the reader into a world that is hard to escape for the entirety of the … Continue reading

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In and Out

When breathing suddenly resides between reaching and sighing, there seems to exist a shortage of sorts and not merely of oxygen molecules around me. But why is it that when … Continue reading

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On Poetry

Poetry has its way of pretending it’s from the mind when really, it’s from truth. It arrives when it desires, transmitting no more and no less, only exactly what it needs, … Continue reading

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two hundred feet

two hundred feet were counted between the two towers so tall signaling near and far that here, high ceilings would lift your gaze. we found both places open and their … Continue reading

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these days

when September’s warm, warm and sunny and innocent, there’s usually something the universe is lingering to tell me and it usually has to do with nostalgia. both know that in … Continue reading

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summertime, an ode

and before the last nights of summer subside to stay warm some place else, i sit down here to write this ode to these long nights with you that were so … Continue reading

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Unterbacher See

Sometimes, the world through two pair of eyes is four-fold beautiful, as logics and artistries —two of each— hike along the horizon, measuring the distances above and below.   So … Continue reading

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today’s task:

allowing for the space to be complex. (no principle we hold and need is of God, aside from love, perhaps, and so everything in between is up to us to … Continue reading

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TRP: Spieltrieb

Dieses sagenhafte, mitreißende, erschütternde, erzürnende, psychologische, philosophische und poetische Buch von Juli Zeh habe ich in Bad Godesberg begonnen, wo es losgeht und spielt. Und ich habe es beendet in Kroatien, … Continue reading

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TRP: Denn du trägst meinen Namen

Wir alle haben einen Vater, zumindest einmal gehabt, und viele von uns tragen seinen Namen, auch wenn sich das in dieser Zeit in diesem Land verändert. Mein vererbter Familienname ist ein Kunstname, … Continue reading

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top and bottom 

there’s no roof on top and I wear no shoes either so what remains this week in summer is my hair in the wind and my feet on the ground … Continue reading

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this week in summer 

this week in summer there are no mirrors around to check some polished facade that disgraces the potential of vision and visibility. there are no clocks either to time some … Continue reading

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Joh 20:15 — Sie steht nicht alleine da, weinend, Maria, im Angesicht der Leere, von Gewalt verursacht, und von der Macht der Masse, die das Leben des Unschuldigen gefordert hatte. Auch ich … Continue reading

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One of Two

Well in my mind, there are two types of reactions to anything out there, anywhere, at anytime: I can have my expectations of what the truth will turn out to … Continue reading

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On the day of yet another attack on civilians celebrating freedom, I wonder what I can do to contribute. I look around and am reminded that the commandments teach, ours … Continue reading

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