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Two people times three cities or some countries times three jobs plus possible internships to the power of luck or fate coming our way minus money and the car and divided … Continue reading

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Bitte beende… diesen Satz und diese Zeit mit Eleganz.

Vor zwei Jahren… trug ich noch ein Pony und die Eierschalen vom Schlüpfen als Deutsche auf meinen Schultern. Die TFD Sommerakademie 2015 in Göttingen war… eine rundum magische, unvergessliche und … Continue reading

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These are silos where uniformed marionettes drink beer and eat too much in airports, hotel bars and other vacuums at all times of day and night and do not talk … Continue reading

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A blue firmament stretches across these gentle, green, rolling hills. A few clouds float by, fleetingly so. I stroll through the streets, sensing the tingle of nostalgia mingling with tiny … Continue reading

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It wasn’t hard

It’s the same old same old every time: when the first summer nights sweep across these fields or this song gets played it sinks in that nothing new can grow and … Continue reading

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My only expectation from childhood on, had been to arrive here and marvel at the stories told for centuries now and stand firm once more and for good. The dusty … Continue reading

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Twice, we’ve been to the desert now – the place that turned people into providers, poets, prophets. These bordering countries are at war with each other, and have been for … Continue reading

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there is no holiness in Hebrew without distinguishing just as there is no distinguishing without holiness. with separation, clarity arises and meaning soars, just as watercolors would turn into brown puddles … Continue reading

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little flat

  every day i marvel at the way the sun rises and floods these wooden floors from a slightly different angle as summers and winters go. you find us at … Continue reading

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My kid would be in her class:


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So that morning in the middle of the week we got up, packed up the car and left for the border. The weather never changed – whoever tells you that … Continue reading

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إن شاء الله

In Arabic, no man, woman or child makes a plan without making room for human error natural forces universal energies God’s will. Even non-believers weave this wise and wondrous phrase … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning

In the midst of this thing some call the crisis of migrants, my students and I were studying food vocabulary. We had to go far beyond our book, as it had … Continue reading

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and so women march. still and again. there and here, everywhere, and proudly, loudly so. you may wonder why we come in, need the masses. have you counted the eras … Continue reading

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serious statistics

they grow from my pores like seeds from soil in spring, great and earnest expectations. both know, allegedly inadvertently so… they stretch tall like trees, positively correlating rings with speed; hence, manifestly … Continue reading

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I wasn’t looking for an omen for the new year when I met her, I was just trying to get home, but things came differently. She talked me up as the … Continue reading

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whoever cries out now to God to finally fix this or to politicians to finally put up that wall forgets, fatally, that surely, love is in this place. not was back … Continue reading

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some favorite podcast episodes

compelling mystery and exquisite journalistic research from Sarah Koenig: Serial – Season I, The Alibi my favorite love story one, tears: Danny and Annie my favorite love story two, sobs: The … Continue reading

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Anfangs konnte ich nur ahnen, dass mein Leseprojekt dieses Jahr nicht einfach so an Literatur der NS-Zeit vorbeiführen würde. Mittlerweile habe ich es Schwarz auf Weiß, dass auch für mich … Continue reading

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and in this swirl of similarity in fear and hate and ignorance and mass digital dependence for the delivery of private data to those who prostitute and sell our human souls … Continue reading

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