mountain truths

Catalonian Pyrenees.  preparation and good equipment matter. an early start sets aside time for rest on the way. changes in weather and other conditions can occur without prior warning. having lost sight of the signs indicating the correct route, it helps to return to the last moment of confirmation. one step after the other as […]


a bit shy, spring was still feeling in that Easter week in April in that country nestled into the eastern banks of the Black Sea. just afoot the Greater Caucasus, the skies ware sealed by clouds just as the sidewalks were seamed by puddles. clothed in all we‘d brought,  we adjusted to all spectacles on the […]


there are things too great to write about  like all abstract terms   that aren’t simultaneously verbs  such as love. such writings, if composed in spite of being doomed all along, mostly feel as though they’ve gone astray from their origin fountain and landed clumsily in crowded fields of naïveté and kitsch. but there’s one among them that deserves all […]

friday night out

they were sipping coffee, later that night, in the windows of a corner café and it felt like the corner of a large, vibrant, magnetic city. it was just the two, recounting the week of patients and losses and bettering measures of participants trying rhetoric and facilitation and leadership. and as they biked home across […]