everything takes a bit longer (cooking and cleaning), lasts a bit shorter (fresh produce and clean laundry), happens more immediate (the weather, moods, neighbors), takes its natural course (sleeping and waking, consumption of fruits and vegetables), smells and tastes more intensive (food and kisses) when we camp (this time in Greece). while others have taken […]


it knows nothing about these frightening facts, the ocean: utterly oblivious, it is a daily marionette to the moon, a constant carrier of massive amounts of plastic and trash, the eternal exile for refugees, (lacking smooth sailing conditions or the provision of a whale). it knows nothing about its power being used and abused on- […]

trailer park lights

there’s a small trailer park down by the river. it’s a settlement of nomads, gray-haired and adolescent-spirited as well as just family-founded with a desire to staycate; you find all sorts of characters in this temporary community. during long summer days, life is busy around the tents, trailers, blankets, clotheslines. long into the night, kids […]

tough day

it’s been one of the tougher days. I won’t get into the details of the event, because they tend to be similar across time, generally founded by and grounded in a misère brought about by fears, real ones even, if you peel away the messes. there’s always the issue behind the issue with matters of destruction […]


in a warm glow these brick buildings, alleys and meadows bathe before dusk sets in. the palette fades from passionates into pastels slowly luring summer away and making room for fall. oh how good this season‘s been and how graceful it slowly fades. „what’s next?“ I wonder, and and left to grow quiet and enjoy.