I now know what it’s like to get a positive pregnancy test share these massive news with others learn about a chronic illness because it hit close to home say the name of a new virus go on a four-week lockdown with the rest of the country not be able to buy toilet paper at […]

tipping point

there’s been a noticeably new rhythm to our togetherness in the last couple of days. it begins right after dusk, lasts through the night and extends well into the day and then starts anew. after we’ve played and after we’ve nursed and after we’ve changed nappies, you’ll start to flail a bit, you’ll sigh and […]

10 weeks

so as you hit that 11th week of your tiny little life on this planet, you chitchat with gurgling sounds and listen with intuitive pauses, you smile at familiar faces, you clasp your fingers around slim objects, you fall asleep in your crib when sleepy, you can be on your own for a while, and […]


so in the year 2020, ‘Rona entered our lives. with her origins in China, she quickly made her way into all corners of the world. she preferably travels by air, preferably in the chilly and humid kind. she likes her human hosts alive and lively and discriminates not along any other categories. she roams our […]

out there

and finally, I’m back: shoes all laced up, hair pulled back, tunes turned on, nose out in the wind, breath showing up in the morning air. it’s time to move on down the autumnal alleyway one foot in front of the other. and, of course, there it is again, this utmost sense of freedom and […]


as an entirely new human being, you’re pretty clearly expressing yourself and your experience with mimic, gesture, movement. my task these days is observing, witnessing, being a receptor, and so there they are, your grimaces when you wake up, your fingers and hands reaching out when we’re changing your clothes, your frowns when you’re about […]

little beak

beak and eyes so wide open, my little bird frequently snuggles up on my chest asking for food, shelter and quiet. flapping, paddling with her tiny wings, smacking with her tiny tongue, she expresses her hurry, the imminent need. her patience is instantly depleted. as soon as she’s latched on— and she’s professional at it— […]

all in

as the sun sets these days and our little unit curls up in our cozy top floor nest — when there‘s only a whisper to be heard from us parents sending wonder and awe to and fro or a hearty smack and noisy sigh from our tiny bird after nursing— that’s when I realize that […]

the team

a birth isn’t a solo ride by all means. instead, I’ve found, it takes all of the echoes of women’s hymns and stories ancient and contemporary. it takes all of the spirits of women long gone and presently moving and shaking these lands and times and questioning conventions and assumptions — especially those of the […]

thank you

as I walk the streets of this city at 37° Celcius and at this point quite pregnant, I just wanted to thank these limbs and bones and skins for having been just so eagerly transforming, welcoming every change throughout the last nine months. let’s walk the final mile and stay strong and rest when need […]


we just wanted to let you know that while it’s so great to cuddle with you through skin and sheets, we’re so excited to cuddle with you out here, too. so whenever you’re ready, we might not be, but we’ll be here, always, the same crazy folks you’ve been hearing and feeling for the past […]