eine einzige Trompete tönt hell und klar durch den Raureif benetzten Wald früh an diesem Novembermorgen. sie ist gemacht für die alten Stücke inmitten des Orchesters, aber heute spielt sie allein; nur das lautlose Fallen der letzten Blätter und ihr eigenes Echo sind zu hören. sie erzählt von einem großen Jahr mit einem wahrhaften Hang […]


I went to the theater last weekend with a close friend and a dancer friends and friends of friends. the crowd seemed hip, hot, perhaps vulnerable, some grounded, some floating, others fleeing, you could tell. we were seated around a white square, which was illuminated. in it, three dancers and a vocal performer interpreted what […]


and they mirror gestures, mimics, words, the little people, barely reaching up to the knee, aspiring to become just that tad bit more independent moment by moment. and how great it is to negotiate a new time between them and their dreams, as they grow older, and my experience of the world and what we […]


everything takes a bit longer (cooking and cleaning), lasts a bit shorter (fresh produce and clean laundry), happens more immediate (the weather, moods, neighbors), takes its natural course (sleeping and waking, consumption of fruits and vegetables), smells and tastes more intensive (food and kisses) when we camp (this time in Greece). while others have taken […]


it knows nothing about these frightening facts, the ocean: utterly oblivious, it is a daily marionette to the moon, a constant carrier of massive amounts of plastic and trash, the eternal exile for refugees, (lacking smooth sailing conditions or the provision of a whale). it knows nothing about its power being used and abused on- […]