I now know what it’s like to

get a positive pregnancy test

share these massive news with others

learn about a chronic illness because it hit close to home

say the name of a new virus

go on a four-week lockdown with the rest of the country

not be able to buy toilet paper at the supermarket

put on a mask to protect others

keep the distance

dread watching the news

notice how lonely some folks are

get engaged

be a bachelorette

put on a wedding gown

exchange vows with my love in the presence of our dearest

commit to our eternity and really mean it

no longer have any grandparents

but adopt an elder on the way

be worried sick after an accident

get really fed up with American politics

realize that democratic culture is fragile anywhere

grow rounder and rounder

have contractions

give birth

hold my daughter for the first time

give her her name

take her home

nurse and grow so much bigger breasts

not be able to run

recover from birth

be able to run again with time and practice

get to know my husband as father

love more deeply than I’ve ever loved before

want to be kind more than to be right

truly strive for understanding

be out of work for a while


go on another lockdown

totally outgrow this apartment

fear losing someone close

truly miss people and live music and dancing

learn about the importance of science

celebrate Biden’s victory

miss Angela Merkel already

workout a vision with other folks

listen as much as saying things

be so overwhelmed with gratitude

not plan anything for my birthday and just roll with it.

what a year it’s been.

here’s to the old and the new,

to feeling fierce and feeling gentle.

here’s to


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