tipping point

there’s been a noticeably new rhythm

to our togetherness

in the last couple of days.

it begins right after dusk,

lasts through the night

and extends well into the day

and then starts anew.

after we’ve played

and after we’ve nursed

and after we’ve changed nappies,

you’ll start to flail a bit,

you’ll sigh and howl,

you’ll zigzag your pupils across the room.

and then, if we just share one more moment together,

tightly held,

you’ll surrender fully

and sleep.

and you’ll slumber

and snooze

and doze

— depending on your mood —

as long as your rhythm lasts

and return to our gig


so as you make this your tune

know that we are here

to witness it and hum along, humbly,

and hold ever so still when you’re riding

the two most magical moments in life:

falling asleep

and waking up

again and again and yet again.

neither are ever to be taken for granted

and we’re here

to make sure

these gifts

are yours

and ours to share.

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