so in the year 2020,

‘Rona entered our lives.

with her origins in China,

she quickly made her way

into all corners of the world.

she preferably travels by air,

preferably in the chilly and humid kind.

she likes her human hosts alive and lively

and discriminates not

along any other categories.

she roams our streets and homes

and settles wherever we gather.

the consequences of her arrival, well,

they vary.

sometimes she stays only for a short while

and remains virtually invisible.

sometimes she brings presents in the form

of symptoms and, at times,

late complications.

and sometimes, she takes someone with her

either straight into the grave

or with a detour through the ICU.

in order to save ourselves and others

and protect our public health care workers

and those in city government

and, eventually, get rid of her, well,

we either stay isolated.

she’ll die down slowly then.

or science advances quickly

and provides a vaccine

and public admin makes sure

it gets distributed sensibly.

or we ignore all preventive measures

and take the risk.

but the consequence of that

goes straight into the heart of human fear:

that life may be shorter than we planned

and that this truth might hit

those closest and dearest to us.

regardless of the occurrences in our lives,

it’s time to hunker down

and do what we can

without going broke or insane or dead

and fight for a larger good

that all will benefit from.

and what that means

is negotiable and subjective,

according to people,

and non-negotiably objective,

according to science.

but while we discuss

back and forth

it all takes it course


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