all in

as the sun sets these days

and our little unit curls up

in our cozy top floor nest

— when there‘s only a whisper to be heard

from us parents sending wonder and awe

to and fro

or a hearty smack and noisy sigh

from our tiny bird after nursing—

that’s when I realize

that now, we’re all in,

all is at stake, at all times.

so what do we do with this truth,

filling all our arms and moments and thoughts,

I wonder?!

perhaps it’s time to hold on tight,

yet tread more lightly,

to love fully

and learn more frequently,

to try and try again

during the day.

and to let it all sink in,

let it simmer,

let it imprint its meaning

as the moon appears on the horizon,

as our songs have faded into quiet.

and to give in to the tides

of this tiny breath flowing

through this place

in order to eventually let it wander

to all ends of the earth.

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