she’s here

she let out her first unmistakable cry

when only her head had appeared

and her tiny body was still stuck

in the place between the worlds.

the rest of her journey wasn’t hard,

but decisively monumental for sure.

arriving on my bare chest

and in his sheltering arms around us both

she curled up all the way

as she’d done for all the months

and until a few seconds

prior to that moment.

oh how we sobbed

in utter wonder and awe:

have you ever held

a piece of the universe

right there in your arms,

entrusted to you

for a lifetime?

so there she was,

our perfect gift,

the most gracious blessing,

the most vulnerable of all beings,

the utmost manifestation of our love,

our tiny addition to the family,

our stunning daughter.

she momentarily halted time and space

and all we knew to be true

until we named her

with a whisper and an intuition

and our trust

that this combination of letters

can be the suitable architecture

in this unique time and space

so she can make known

what she holds to be true

over the course of her lifetime.

so now she’s here

and we could be more thrilled

that she’s here to stay.

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