a new gentleness

so these days have been about learning around here.

learning – as the moment between

shedding one skin and growing into the next –

at times of immaturity

runs the risk of trapping us

in turning against the other

with defensiveness, harshness, superiority,

sometimes even outright disdain.

then, famously, shame creeps in

and no new skin can unfold.

all resources are used up;

my soul feels as dry

and these lands

as summer comes to an end.

righteousness, perhaps, triumphs for the moment

but slowly poisons the clarity of my consciousness.

so other attempts seem worth an effort.

what I am left with

these days

again and again

is the truth that if I muster up

a new gentleness – even if I borrow it

from some place not yet claimed my own –

bridges appear ever so elegantly

between the then and the now,

the expectation and the reality,

the old skin and the new,

me and you.

and right then and there,

it puts things into perspective,

at times referencing eternity,

making it all digestible

for this fragile, susceptible soul

and perhaps for yours, too.

so let’s give this more room

and let it grow

into a new sense of empathy

– a new state of consciousness –

because we’re all here only once

but get to try anew

every single day.

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