that day (8) – the band

with the setting sun,

and the fairy lights turned on,

and the low chatter in the air,

and my man next to me

and all our loved-ones around us, too,

there couldn’t have been more magic.

but then, alas, four familiar musicians set up their stage

and took up playing their set.

our yard transformed yet one more time

and so to tuxedo junction we went:

all those good old swinging tunes

were played by a bass, sax, guitar and clarinet

and we danced

and twirled

and hopped

and swayed

until sweat ran down our cheeks.

oh and as these sweet swing tunes

filled the air and traveled on

all life seemed to pulse right through

my veins, hers, and everyone else’s, too.

musical oceans we were.

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