wedding prep

at the beginning,

in the summertime back in 2014,

neither of us knew

where all of this would lead us

and our families and friends.

and now we’re prepping for that day

after which we still don’t know

where all of this will lead us

or our families or friends

but are now sure of this commitment:

we are willing to show up and be there

for each other

again and again

in the knowing and the not knowing

and all spaces in-between.

and that’s what we are prepping for right now

in the three days leading up

to the moment we make that commitment

surrounded by closest family and friends.

so here we come,

yard and tent and tables,

dresses and tuxes and shoes,

cakes and flowers and drinks,

tears and words and songs,

dances and twirls and hugs.

we are getting you and us ready

for that day

and all that’s yet to come.

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