the whale

prior to this experience,

I always assumed that our hearts

make us all of us oceans,

pumping blood

turning into rolling tides

right here in our veins (Anis Mojgani, Shake the Dust).

well, now, the space between my chest and hips,

growing and expanding day by day,

truly feels as though an ocean specifically

has emerged

from the depths of my being.

and, there’s a whale in there,

a little whale, moving about.

at times, the movements seem to occur

deep down below, so deep within,

that I can hardly witness them.

sometimes, it’s quiet all together, for a while,

as though the whale’s disappeared

into the vastness

with the last tidal waves

and the winds.

and then there are those times

during which the swimming exercises

occur right underneath my skin,

reaching from the farthest east to the farthest west

and back again

up and down the entire length of my belly

with twirls and twists and summersaults.

playfully and agile, with poise and aptitude,

this being’s already claimed her habitat.

from there, she’ll go great distances, I assume and hope,

and move through different states

and adapt to her surroundings

with the vehicles best suited.

may she, out there, always feel like

she belongs

just as right now,

she belongs in here,

my little whale.

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