when we’re together

when we’re together,

an ancient bond gets activated

full force

that none of us can loosen or deny or destroy.

it transforms us into those we’ve always been

and accepts the one’s we’ve become,

leaving room, still, for more and always more


we’re not bound by conditions, it seems,

only tied together in kinship,

asked to, when we’re together, cherish it and,

when we’re not, remember it,

still and always.

it exists not

in any other way

in this world, it seems,

which it just so full of contracts

formal and informal,

psychological and artificial.

so we drank it all in

this weekend

like we’ve always done

and will for, as long as we’re here

making our best of it

and keeping memories of it, too.

when we’re together,

only this matters, wholly.

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