in the fields

corona and pregnancy decelerate

this life over here

at the moment:

work happens remotely only.

options for travel and entertainment and distraction

are fewer.

all activities center around the home

and neighborhood.

so there’s time, right now,

to pack up the bag,

grab sun screen and glasses,

hop on the sattle,

and ride on out of the city

and into the fields.

the path follows the river

winds through villages and poppy fields

and bends along vast and sprawling banks.

although it’s only May, still,

the air is warm, the breeze gentle;

summer is here.

during moments of rest, as the sweat cools,

and my heart beat slows down,

the baby kicks and twirls,

evidently sharing my excitement

to be alive and able to move.

and so on that blissful morning

it’s just us out there

without a worry in the world

riding in wonder and awe

about all there is

abundantly present already.

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