changing rhythms

prior to this pandemic,

our life had a fast and — to me — mostly thrilling rhythm:

I’d be gone for a few days,

working with clients and partners on the good stuff,

checking in and out of hotels,

taking this and that train,

discovering new cities of this country during morning or evening jogs,

dining by myself,

opening up a beer,

making a silent but happy toast

to a purpose-driven life.

coming and being home was nice then

and special.

for all of my working and professional life,

my brain has been buzzing with new stimuli and learnings,

my heart has been an utter well of guidance and clarity,

mentors and colleagues and clients have joined in the joy of shaking and moving things.

but these and other and almost all things

are different now.

we’ve been in the Corona pandemic

for round about 8 weeks.

from my neighbors‘ view,

— and I’ve had this validated during a brief chat in the street —

there‘s a young — now obviously pregnant — young lady,

staying at the apartment everyday,

spending hours on her laptop or phone,

occasionally filling up the fridge,

frequently making meals,

testing home workouts,

reading the newspaper,

welcoming her man back home at nighttime.

what a change in rhythms

for them and for me and for many other women

who are now back in the roles

of caregiving and providing

at home.

I’ve enjoyed the slower pace of this time indeed

and loved the free hours to spend in this empty city,

but may this piece also be my reminder

that as soon as public life opens on up again,

my little chica and I need to get out there

and participate

and make ourselves known as movers and shakers

who love their home

and take responsibility for the family

but who also are free

from gender roles

when they decide it’s time.

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