6.43 grams

so 66 years later,

in the summer of 2020,

we will exchange those rings, too,

plain, golden and smooth,

like these two did once,

with their grams melted into ours,

hoping we will make it nearly as far as they did,

though never measuring time or space or status,

but rather counting moments of growth,

service to others, joy and love.

so may their 6.43 grams

from July of 1954,

center us around tradition

and send us on our own path

toward family life, partnership,

and filling up photo albums

page by page.

after all,

in their grams and now ours

lies invaluable anecdotal value

adding to the human experience

day by day.

so may they fit,

make us fit,

and when we don’t,

inspire us to try again

come what may

and laugh about it, at times, too,

because forever

can be a long, long time.

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