it’s been the first week of warmer weather

around these sceneries.

anytime that warm breeze sweeps in

through the slanted windows of this top floor apartment

and caresses the bare skin and all these tiny hairs,

a jolt hits these limbs

and makes their waking superb.

indeed, this is no time to pass up on

for boredom and listlessness;

rather, it is a time to get out there

and gently participate

in the slower pace of the world,

the mindful way of moving about.

it’s a time to rediscover the spaces available

as they, too, reassemble their pieces

after the winter months.

and it’s time to let the breeze whisk a little

what’s been stagnant for too long.

things won’t be the same after this,

but honestly, have they ever been the same

in the springtime

as we knew them before?

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