terms and conditions

hi baby,

this is your mom speaking.

as you’re doing your thing in there,

I wanted to give you a heads up

about a few things ahead

(although this is, admittedly,

as much a note to myself, too):

while your dad and I

have made a longterm commitment

to one another

and you, of course,

and while other relationships around us

are founded on longterm promises

to stick to living and learning

rather than giving up, as well,

being human is becoming increasingly

about the short-term magic.

freedom, control and comfort —

concepts on which many of our lives are built on around here —

are truly luxury items for the moment.

(enjoy the undisrupted and careless swims

in there while they last…)

these three are no absolute terms;

they cannot be taken for granted,

or else we’d fool ourselves.

and truly, I’m here to love you

in truth and honesty;

there are more depths to discover

in reality than illusion, I’ve found.

so as you prepare to switch sides

sometime in the summertime,

and explore your own terms and conditions,

I just wanted you to know

that from my experience so far,

none of this is made to last forever.

not even me, not even you.

but there’s no need to be scared, no need to cry

or not even not try to make it out here

and give it a shot —

quite the contrary, in fact.

there’s a greater hope, a greater faith, a greater love

available to all of us each new day

and I so, so look forward

to exploring those along side you.

so see you soon

(and until then,

anytime you feel that gentle rub,

it’s your dad

just so utterly excited to meet you as well!)!

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