from here to there

the way nature transitions

from here to there

is quite a phenomenon:

blossoms appear silently and cheekily

almost over night

in all places, up and down and all around.

winter’s baldness across the lands

gets decorated away

within a couple of dawns

with grace and poise and ease.

for their descendants, then, the new leaves,

these blossoms make room as well

swiftly and courteously

as if it’s only ever been about

becoming, growing.

so in these weeks and months,

during which out societies, firms and parties,

families and groups of friends

and other associations

renew themselves in their most fundamental ways;

as my belly grows

from here to there, too,

ever so steadily,

let all of this be about becoming, growing

always and always and always.

becoming anew

and growing a bit

with each new sunrise.

letting come and letting go is what it takes

and if you’re not sure where to start,

observe your breath.

let’s take it from there

and see where it takes me, you,

all of us.


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