national lockdown

when the entire community is asked to stay home,

keep the kids in and avoid the older folks,

try home office and all sorts of digital tools,

and make the best of it all,

in order to fight a virus that knows no bounds

and kills the elderly and broken,

and floods the hospitals,

and massively threatens all capitalist ideas ever brought forth,

when the national lockdown sweeps across these lands,

it’s time for the humbling question to sink in

what each and everyone of us can do

to emerge out of this crisis gracefully

and more connected to one another.

surely, there is no one recipe,

but with all of us taking this seriously,

there’s a chance that real good can come out of this:

that pay raises reach those most deserving,

that communal structures lift everyone up,

that resources and knowhow gets spread and shared,

that boarders become places of hopes and dreams again,

that the human dignity gets put first for good,

once and for all

no matter where we look.

there’s finally a chance

that we get to start anew.


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