16 weeks

sixteen weeks have gone by since

a tiny new human began growing

with the purpose of becoming the newest,

most vulnerable, most revolutionary soul

in my tribe.

it’s been growing persistently since

and so have the skins of my body, heart and mind.

a few other weeks have gone by since

one of the dearest souls in my tribe

has had to courageously endeavor

on a lifetime of uncertainty

due to a complex diagnosis.

Her health has become a fragility, a most precious gift,

granted to her not by her own will.

and a few even other weeks have also gone by

since another one of my closest souls

risked his alertness in this world

without even intending or remembering it.

the accident happened

and healing  stepped in its power’s way, luckily.

and then a few other weeks also went by

since my grandmother

and with her the last matriarch of my two tribes in kinship

went on to a different, perhaps better, place.

Perhaps she went home, but either way,

her earthly legacy has ended now,

in stillness and humility.

sixteen meek weeks have gone by

since my life transferred itself or was transferred

onto an entirely new spectrum,

stretching the innermost parts of my being

toward greater depths and valleys,

toward vaster roaring heights.

and in this, I am asked to stand, stand and breathe.

and so all I ask is this:

may the winds be gentle tonight,

may these raindrops fall softly on these fields,

until the sun rises anew

for a new morning.

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