showing up

it isn’t easy to curl out

of the warmth and comfort of home these days

when all moments before dawn

are covered in a white layer of frost.

thick fields of fog stretch along the river valley

which I bike through

on my way toward the station.

but then, after a few moments out in the cold,

these limbs grow brisk,

anxious to unfold and reach.

as the train arrives, clouds of collective breath arise

and a first sip of coffee

rings in the morning glory.

on the train, faces of strangers

as well as those of a two-year familiarity

travel on through

these last hours of darkness.

as we descend from the platform

and disperse through the city,

the sky has changed:

it’s beginning to lighten, shine,

there above my head.

it’s yet another day

to show up for the work, the building of something

that’s larger than me,

than all of us.

cheeks rosy, sleeves rolled up, eyes wide open,

it’s time to take the leap

for none of us ever really knows

what it’ll all look like

in the end.

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