building things

so as these luscious opportunities present themselves

to co-create our work place

and relationship

and other things of great earthly importance,

Steven’s question about which house

we want to build

inevitably arises (Acts 7: 48).

truly, the options between heaven and earth

are countless.

it all could be this, it all could be that;

right and wrong seem to be trivial parameters in this.

and anything worthwhile takes time

to be formed and reshaped and reiterated.

so at the end of the day,

may at the heart of these ponderings, actions, commitments, darings,

lie faith, hope and love,

so that even if some of it may not last

or turn out differently from the way

it was dreamed up,

put into motion,

set on its course,

it was true and valid then and there.

when building things,

the art lies in holding them loosely, trustingly,

and offering them up

as a sacrifice, a service

for that which is just

so much greater


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