be still my heart

so sometimes, things don’t go as planned. or wished for. or worked for.

I’m going to let that sit for a minute,

because when that happens,

it just sits there for a while

when really, something different should have been there in its place.

and on occasion, depending on the topic,

this phenomenon can launch a rocket full of emotions

straight into your immediate circumstances, then and there.


and then it passes.

and then something quite remarkable occurs:

new options arise,

they just do, every time.

occasionally, depending on the topic, they arise from a wish, hard work, fate.

but then they sit there and every time,

humility roams the new spaces.

and this, oh this, is such a good place to be:

nothing new has happened yet, but it might, just might,

isn’t that just so splendid!

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