everything takes a bit longer (cooking and cleaning),

lasts a bit shorter (fresh produce and clean laundry),

happens more immediate (the weather, moods, neighbors),

takes its natural course (sleeping and waking, consumption of fruits and vegetables),

smells and tastes more intensive (food and kisses)

when we camp (this time in Greece).

while others have taken their entire homes on the road (including bikes, motorcycles, cars, front porch seating accommodations, pantries, kindergarten equipment for the kids, TV satellite stations and so much more),

we narrowed it down to what either we can carry

or our car can load and

it’s always plenty.

on this trip, we saved no time whatsoever,

and rather spent it generously on detour roads,

more extensive books,

vaster swims and strolls,

slow discoveries of places and people,

hand-made pottery, food and clean laundry,

conversations with winding questions and answers.

we seemed to be less in charge and more humble

about all that was happening around and within us.

there was more playfulness than there’s ever been,

also deep trust, optimism, care.

it was all simple

and it was all enough.

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