tough day

it’s been one of the tougher days.

I won’t get into the details of the event,

because they tend to be similar across time,

generally founded by and grounded in

a misère brought about by fears, real ones even,

if you peel away the messes.

there’s always the issue behind the issue

with matters of destruction and disrespect.

but on evenings like this,

I get to make my own choice:

do I play along and earn a large

community of similar voices

and stencilled answers?

or do I let it sink in

that one of the oldest collections of books

has Fear Not imprinted on its pages 365 times,

one reminder per day over the course of a year?

and what implications will that have,

and am I ready to leap?

I am going to let that sink in.

and while I am at it,

I’m going to put on that old blues

written by folks facing their fears

with art and music and selflessness

at the cost of poverty or isolation.

there, I shall seek comfort

until a new morning is granted to all of us,

as gracefully as we let it.

and then I’ll show up again

and again and again

seeking to do the work I am called to do

until things start to make more sense and meaning

just that tad bit more.

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