pedestrian zone

expressing yourself is a bit like

dressing that display window in the pedestrian zone.

you decide what goes behind the glass,

adhering to current trends, of course,

and so you decorate away.

it lies in our clothes, words, relationships

and ideally, this liberty would be at everyone’s disposal.

for some, though, other people decide what goes in

and what the meaning of that ought to be;

we seem to have an inherent affinity

to patronize and then gaze

guided by a cornucopia of assumptions.

aside from that major asymmetry,

I ask myself, too,

what this display window is for

in times of optimized self-portrayal on every channel.

when do people honestly linger to discover?

when is it time to put up a sign

and remain private?

and which parts of who I am

actually make this plaza a better place?

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