at the wedding

with black ink and a fragile ball pen,

he traces bride and groom

as well as their promise.

he captures the crowd cheering in the market square

and the children playing.

later, he leans at the bar,

sketching kin and friends

and the DJs.

a few props make it onto his scenes,

like that flower vase, a mustache.

first, fleeting black lines appear,

letting the foreground emerge.

then pastel colors fill the shy silhouettes, making the waking of their subjects superb.

and so the booklet, made of liporello architecture, grows thicker.

juxtaposed to photographs, these sketches don’t pry, never expose.

and though he moves swiftly, decisively,

chatting with his models here and there,  the artist remains in the wings of the stage, unpretentiously.

as the night progresses

countless portraits fill every last page of the piece;

at last, he puts it aside over a drink.

his momentary, benevolent view of the gathering is complete.

the tide now turns toward those

whose promise has every potential

to become an artistic endeavor itself.

its sketched blueprint will always be

readily available.

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