there are things too great to write about 

like all abstract terms  

that aren’t simultaneously verbs 

such as love. such writings,

if composed in spite of being doomed

all along, mostly feel as though they’ve gone

astray from their origin fountain and landed

clumsily in crowded fields of naïveté and

kitsch. but there’s one among them that

deserves all scriptures and constitutions and poetry — and

has, throughout centuries: it’s that two-faced coin

granting its features to as well as from,

turning humans into subjects and objects of

their experience at the very same time.

freedom to and freedom from, these two positive and negative

entities ensure an absence and presence simultaneously, 

suggesting, perhaps, a deep controversy at the heart

of the human experience.

choice and consequence.

privilege and responsibility.

contemplating and acting. 

perhaps, truly, it’s all inherently contradictory

out there on the sidewalks

and to be gauged anew again and again

with a patient tolerance and the ability to hold

two seemingly exclusive truths right beside each other.

writing about it on the meta level ends precisely here.

the realm of anecdotal value as it pertains to

the concept of freedom shall be

explored another time and

with a different pen.

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