Rolf and visions

the worst speech I ever heard
because it started with the denial of a vision for our world
was held in Innsbruck by Rolf Martin Schmitz in 2017,
boss of the second largest energy producing company in Germany.
he’s serious when he says that he has no vision
for the world we live in
regarding an entire sector
in need of changing to allow
for a decent living and
the protection of our earth.
i was stunned by so much
white male privilege and
ignorance and
dependency on a reputable income.
we will one day live in communities in which
highways will be used by bikers,
free public transport takes you anywhere anytime,
schools teach about culture, teamwork and solution-thinking,
basic income enables people to become creative and social again,
taxes are high and fair and for local living,
public administration decorates public realms with art and dance,
where digital technology assists and serves us,
where trees and flowers and plants grow freely,
where the elderly mingle with the youngsters,
where children play.
the only question is whether it will
take three or thirty years.
Rolf is no longer participating in the
co-creation of our communities.
instead, students are out in the streets,
mobilizing by presence and optimism.
our communities are the most important thing we have
whether they consist of blood or worldly bonds.
they’ll outlast us with the fruits
of what we’ve sown
during our time here.

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