a young journalist and gifted writer crosses the line into literature.

more than 60 of his pieces of writings are doubted,

prizes revoked, apologies given.

an avalanche of blame storms through the media –

from rights about the general skewness of the press

from lefts about the pressure to perform.

i, too, have been touched by this foolish fraud.

any piece of formidable journalism will get published

at the cost of imminently reducing reality

to a set of impressions.

reality isn’t graspable

and attitudes only hinted at

by ambiguous language knitted together

to transport not merely events

but human emotion.

as i continue to knit together my reality and attitudes, passionately,

with stories heard and told,

may i remind myself, too, that fact is, most of all, fragile.

any stage is a privileged position to be in and

its rules must be respected.

and any audience deserves the integrity of the voice speaking.

so that together, we get closer to truth.

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