three cities, two on-boardings, my first notice to quit,

short and long hair, still no tattoos,

an education summit and another keynote,

the longest summer ever,

and still the same man.

26 was a good one, a very good one.

it was innocent and decent,

it was thoughtful and mature,

it was active and anticipatory

and so obviously blessed.

It was a time of showing up and

taking care of things.

so for whatever lays ahead,

may it not end at Forever 27.

may it resemble that lion

resting in the shade

under the sun’s merciless zenith

alert to strategize, pounce at the right time and protect,

and then run those endless miles

with fur glowing

like blazing flames.


  1. Hi from Burleigh in QLD Australia, found your presentation on BildungsTV this morning (Bad Gastein) and would like to connect: my congrats and my thank you as well! Liked your enthusiasm and the presentation and the resourses as well, which I could screenshot. The 4 C modell is great, as an ex teacher of German and British and US literature I came across these principles of good teaching some years ago as well. And working for the Goethe Institut Australia taught me the 5th C, too: Cross cultural learning. Further good wishes for your career in Germany hoping you well get a lot of attention there, as I find it amazing, what German teachers are going through these days and months and years. Wir schaffen das is only doable by good education, therefore taking all the difficulties as challenges and a chance for progression is the ONLY ANSWER that might work! Well done! Yours Peter H Bloecker


  2. Schön gebrüllt, Löwin! Für den Club of 27 taugst Du nicht Außerdem ist das 27. Lebensjahr gerade hinter Dir – ein gutes, wie Du schreibst.

    Nochmals: Glück auf. Ulrich



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