writing poetry about politics so explicitly doesn’t

feel very sexy – any time, but especially in this day and age.

so let’s make this a quick one:

something I have noticed more and more

in this country of exponentiated efficiency,

objective argumentation and

philosophical reasoning is that

our reality is a reliable, secure, safe one.

the DNA of our polis is extremely resilient and

that’s has often been a good thing

for many.

but in these times of complexity and change and pace

and perhaps even loss of power for the patriarchy,

let’s take this like a lady dressed in lion’s fur:

ready for a speech on the podium, decisions at the table,

strategic indulgences over news and maps,

meet-and-greets in the streets, a drink at the bar,

train sightings and bike efforts,

clear words, crisp questions and sincere listenings,

a view of the kids, a humorous manner,

a stroll on the promenade, a paparazzi dance,

and one-on-ones, quietly, in the back.

we could take this agile, fair, strong and


for once.

and with the perhaps overly dramatic but

truly passionate message in the manège that, yet again,

everything is at stake.

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