this city

today, someone took a woman hostage

in a pharmacy at the train station in Cologne.

possibly a Syrian man with a refugee background,

possibly armed,

possibly prepared for a gas attack,

possibly sympathizing with a terror organization.

the whole ordeal resulted in injured citizens,

a long lock-down of the public space,

all trains getting rerouted all evening,

and my taking three hours back from work when really

it should have taken less than one

and I’d have been home just in time

to meet my friends for dinner.

I was exhausted upon entering here,

and drenched in sweat from all other people around me

on the tram and two trains and bus I had to take to make it back,

and I was also sticky from the wine that had spilled all over my backpack,

and I admittedly felt a mix of anger and insecurity too,

even more so, when people were wasting no time to hate

on foreigners, the police force, our lady mayor.

but this wasn’t about me.

and to bed I won’t take those whirls either.

into this night and the next morning

I’ll only take humility

and perspective.


no time to get fooled.

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