it was hot and long and wonderful

on brisker mornings

of lingering cloud banks nestled in the valley

and my corduroy jacket

I yearn back to what they felt like,

the days that never ended.

sleepless nights under cloudless skies,

only a dress and a pair of sandals on,

drenched shirts all around on the train,

minimal movements along the computer keyboard at the office,

water melons on the way back from work,

barbecue meet-ups for dinner,

candles and wine and dances.

and not a breeze in the valley for weeks,

just blazing heat wringing out the lands.

it was gruesome at times,

but mostly glorious.

so as swimming trunks make their exodus

and woolen socks their return

and pumpkins dot menus and streets,

they are not to be forgotten,

those weeks of bliss.