Vilnius artist: her home

Humans are not in the majority in the space 

in which this artists lives. 

You hike up to it,

from this Baltic town’s center,

and are led to believe it’s the same 

as all other flats on the block. 

You’re wrong. 

In it, books claim the main presence,

taking you from A through Z and back again, 

in languages more than three;

many stand in rows of twos

with more on top or underneath. 

Frames of pictures and photos, 

oil canvases and old newspaper clippings, 

the pope‘s portrait and other relics, 

tiny stickers such as the ‘invisible’ reminder 

on the door out of the bathroom 

paper the remaining space on walls.

We count a fish in a bowl, 

two dogs, a turtle, and some flies,

adding functionality 

to Breschnev’s cement, 

in addition to the kid’s toys and dolls. 

Dried tea-leaves and a rose, 

fresh chanterelles and beans, 

French wines and dessert cakes 

invite to sit or stand in the kitchen, tiny. 

Outside, a prayer stool and an empty 

jam jar filled with sand and cigarette studs 

hint at the fact that something cannot get out 

of this flat by itself and needs these gray wings to fly. 

It’s the studio for a revolution, 

her place,

so get out your brush 

or whatever else you are fighting with.