our sink is splashed with plentiful colors,

our apartment inhabited by friends,

the streets pulsing with all the masses

and this town claimed by music, beer, and joys.

my love is first the hottest prince

of tulips and all the orange

and then a bear with beard and ears

and cuddly fur all around.

we walk, we drink, we dance, we talk;

it’s all a massive movement,

for them, for us, for everyone

to plunge and drown and splash.

it’s odd at first for this one here

to let go and let it be

and smash the window walls at last

and step out of the ivory cage.

but the muscle memory sets in,

alas! and saves her from the past

and pulls her into these beats and sounds

and expands her lungs and skins.

later, she walks home alone and calm

with the Dom in sight so bright,

and once she’s taken off bow tie and hat,

it’s as real as it’s ever been.

this time she’ll get it right for sure

and strive for participation

because as different as it looks each day:

the mission is urgent — and alive!

so she sleeps with the roaring all around

of cages and walls falling apart

freeing all of us from averageness

and positioning anew the spotlight.

and in the morning a new season shall begin

or the day after that, if it may

as long the as the dust stays shaken up

there’s hope and change and: