a really very splendid good day

it didn’t start this way and it didn’t end this way either,

this day and week and even month, but

everything beyond the bells and

responsibilities reminded me of the fact

that in the absence, there’s a presence.

the One who once gave all of it to us

and entrusts others and also me with other skills and

knowledge and anecdotal value wants

every one of us to glow and shine and float.

it is then on us to do with it what we must

and can and want and will to multiply

what we have been given and share

it among the lowest.

so I take my bags and travel under sunny, crisp, blue

skies afoot and humble and sobered

and supremely excited as well

just to grasp yet again and this time for good that

it’s massive and it’s vast and above all:

it’s all love.