getting this right

some started this year with goals such as to

drink not, ban sweets, jog more, perhaps be kinder, too.

all four are on my list, going strong on day 11.

then I had a flashback the other night,

with bitten lips, sweat-stained clothes, a given-up blanket

of a different time

that perhaps has never been.

either way I was woken up

for hopefully the rest of the year

to sell my stuff if I need to, write a book if that’s it,

move to a trailer or barn, sleep in nothing but hay,

consume none and invest only,

climb the tallest mountain, buy that one-way ticket,

study that foreign language, take on the brass and the blues,

dance until morning sun rises, make pottery pot and cups,

sweat more, love harder than ever, risk it once and for all.

Jump, leap, fall, fly.

Goals are for grown-ups.