Three Days In

Three days into the new adventure,

the new topics, dialogs and abbreviations,

the new duties and responsibilities,

the glass building, the parking chip,

the entry card and electronic devices,

the heels, ironed shirts and silky blowouts,

it is time to set standards of significance.

I gladly am among the workers

to enter the vineyard upon sunrise.

However, regarding these long labor hours,

my worth lies not in them, according to the story.

And while all hierarchies and political ties may apply,

others’ dignity lies not in them, either.

And surely, German correctness will rule the flat and windy lands,

but I will faithfully presuppose other realms of freedom,

childlike joy, even foolishness.

And while I will serve and love others

as I am called to do, in the midst of

protocols and presentations and meetings over lunch,

part two calls for self love, too, and firstly so.

And that, too, I shall practice at the borders:

writing, at swing after dark, promenading the Rhine valley, dining with my Love.

And if confusion ever stirs

I shall return to these lines

and rest with them for a while.