“Until death do you part,” they say,

insinuating that one, there aren’t any other aspects of life

that have the power to part

just as harshly as death,

and that two, there aren’t any other insecurities looming

aside from mortality.

until now, these two others got me hung up

on the entire concept,

naively so, infantile.

now, this is no longer the case.

first, one love drowns in the ocean.

then, another love hikes and falls.

third, I hear about both and cannot even fathom

how the two loves left behind

keep on marching on, all alone.


Letting death have the last word,

the definitive, divisive one, I guess,

is a way of making room for

trial and humility and growth in all other instances

which pale compared to what lies ahead

when death enters without knocking

or ringing the bell.

So with the desperate delay

of any other dedication for the departed

this one, too, remains an empty eulogy.

But, in it, aside from remembering and honoring,

I try to bend beyond convention

and make room for the utter mystery

that marriage seeks to hold.