Summer in Berlin

Long after the sun has gone down,

the pavement still steams and fumes.

The leaves hang loosely, almost dead;

all movement has come to a halt.

Even though the windows are wide

these houses look tired and tryst.

Even rock and stone break a sweat

in these weeks of humongous heat.

While ice cream and fountains entertain during the day

and a lover´s kiss remains refreshing

the night shows, undistracted, then just

how strong the force of summer is,

paralyzing these sanctuaries and souls.


I adore this city in the summertime

with its rivers and banks and

primitive pomp and

restless chatter and

short-lived proposals and

historic scars and

changing landscapes and

monumental beauty.

But more than that, I crave a swim

in the silver pond

or a run in the forests and fields

to the end of the path and the next one,

because while summer in this city is charming and sweet

nothing can top August in nature.